Here is our business strategy.

      1. Skype meeting

Usually we have a Skype meeting so that you can understand our business and discuss our business strategy to maximize the sales on crowdfunding and general sales.

      2. Exclusive agreement

An exclusive agreement is required in order to apply for on Japanese crowdfunding platform to promote there. The exclusive period will be around 4-6 months.

      3. Pre-launch

We create a landing page and make social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LINE as well as run FB ads to get a list of potential customers.

      4. Launch

Finally launch a project on a Japanese crowdfunding platform! The project will be for 30-60 days.

      5. Delivery

We place an order after the campaign will end and ask you to prepare to ship. Once you ship the products to our warehouse, we are responsible for domestic delivery to all the backers in Japan.

      6. General sales

After the crowdfunding campaign, we will promote products to Japanese both online and offline stores. We have various connections with retail stores.